Specializing in Life and Income Protection Insurance for Tradies

Tradies out Australia’s hard-working backbone and too often are they left in the dark when it comes to Income Protection and Life Insurance. This is why WE Insurance Started the Tradie Cover. Tradie Cover aims to bridge the gap between white collar and blue-collar professionals by ensuring the same quality or products and services are offered to tradies. This is how WE do it!
The Team at WE Insurance have a professional background specialising in helping tradespeople to get cover. Too often are certain occupations knocked back by insurers or charged at an insane rate. WE Insurance focus on finding a policy that represents value for your occupation and doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s the issue facing tradies!

Work Cover – Work cover is a great initiative, but it is so limited that most tradespeople think this is income protection. It’s not, all this covers is work related incidents. Remember there are 24 hours in a day and you’re not covered while you’re not working. Not to mention if the boss misses a payment you may just miss yours. In the event that a claim does get paid it could be months before a payment comes through meaning your debts a piling up and your
Group Cover in Superannuation – More often than not tradies fall back on their superannuation thinking there’s cover there. Sometimes there is but sometimes not. When they do have cover they usually covered under what’s called group cover which usually has a large waiting period (meaning you can’t go on claim for a long period of time).

So how does TRADIE COVER by WE Insurance fix this?

Simple, Tradie Cover with WE Insurance addresses the holes that you currently have in your cover. We can get cover for you 24/7 anywhere in the world and we can get a waiting period that doesn’t stretch your finances. In some cases, there are day one cover options available. We have a no pressure approach focusing on what you want. And if you’re not sure about the price we can do multiple quotes until you’re satisfied. This whole process can be done quickly and simply over the phone or in person, that’s right WE Insurance will come to you day or night.

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