This is one of the most common occurrences I have found in the insurance world. The inspiring story of the casual athlete. The casual athlete spans from someone who competes in a fairly high level of ammeter sport all the through to when my dad tries to pull on his boots to “reignite the fire within” or maybe to impress my mother after not doing exercise for several years. It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong. The reason I brought this up is that I came across an info-graphic which I’ve shared below which identifies common sporting injuries in Australia.

While taking into account that the exact details are a few years old it is still pretty mind blowing to see that over half a million people in Australia currently have some kind of a long term condition due to a sports related injury. As an insurance agent my first thought is I wonder how many of these people were off work for these injuries? My 2nd thought is I wonder how many of these people had adequate protection in place to cover them while they were off work? Personally I have always had insurances in place to ensure that I was looked after if I was injured and I have been even more fortunate that I haven’t needed to rely on it. My friends and teammates however, that’s another story. Plenty of them have been under insured and then wished they had put the provisions in place when they ended up needing a knee reconstruction and didn’t have adequate protection in place. Any this is just a thought. If you wanted to look at income protection or any other insurances let’s grab a coffee and WE Insurance will provide you with a free quote.

Full credit to Mike Rossi for the infographic and to the ABS and Flinders University for the Stats.

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