Imagine this. I (Dylan, the owner at WE Insurance), am sitting at my desk when I get a call from a close friend I play rugby with. He tells me he’s going to be out of work for almost 3 months. I’m in shock “what happened mate”? It turns out that my friend had picked something up while he was working onsite and he caused a disc to bulge in his back.

Here’s the kicker. Just over a month before the incident this mate of mine came to me in search of income protection, life insurance, tpd and trauma cover. I gave him the WE Insurance promise that I would look after him as best I could, provide him with a free quote for his desired level and type of cover. At the end of the meeting he had the option to get covered and complete his application. He decided not to do so right away and would get back to me within the week. I said “no problem”. I followed him up the next week to here that he was “too busy”. Things get in the way and I understand that. This cycle continued for a couple more weeks until he never committed to coming in.
He realises now just how easy it is to get suck in a bad spot and be without work. Right before Christmas too. He has since committed to getting his remaining insurances in order until he is back at work and we can consider income protection again.
It just goes to show how things can happen when you least expect them. It is better to have something in place rather than nothing at all.

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