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The WE Insurance Story

As a young company WE Insurance has serious ambition. Our goal is to protect our clients and make a difference in the lives of every client we have.

We want every client to feel they have peace of mind as soon as we meet. WE Insurance does this by changing our approach and unlike seeing a financial adviser WE insurance does not write and charge you for a Statement of Advice. Instead we focus on your wants and ensure the level of cover is decided by you.

Our Company Colours

The Black and Gold Shield that represents protection is about as personal as it gets for Dylan Wooster the Owner of WE Insurance. Born in New Zealand, Dylan was brought up in a rugby family. When his family migrated to Australia at a young age his love for rugby certainly came too. After a few years his love for the national Australian team The Wallabies and his home nation's the All Blacks were at peaks in his heart.

Dylan decided to represent a large part of himself on the company's logo. The Bright Gold is the very same as the Wallaby Gold worn on the Australian jersey. While the rich black is deep in the New Zealand jersey. Dylan feels he is as much a part of Australia as he is New Zealand.

What does WE Stand For?

The WE in WE Insurance stands for Wooster Enterprises Insurance. Wooster being the surname of the owner. Dylan Wooster operating as Wooster Enterprises Insurance (WE Insurance) is a Authorised Representative of Spectrum Wealth Advisers AFSL 334400.

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